PT. Suzuki Indomobil Recruitment

Kamis, 21 April 2011

PT. Suzuki Indomobil is one of the largest multinational automotive company, as a response to the global transformation plan and to extend our perspectives in Suzuki's Business Growth, we intend to provide an active role in the field of automotive business especially in Sales & Marketing function.

Therefore, we would like to share the challenging experiences and opportunities to the high caliber individual to join and be part of our organization growth as our Staff within:

Overseas Sales Staff (OSS)

Male, single, max. 27 years old
Minimum S1 degree from any discipline
GPA min. 3.00 from reputable university

Fluent in English communication (spoken and written) is favorable with TOEFL: 500
Enjoy working with data and paper job activities
Having knowledge of Export documents & procedures is preferred
Familiar with MS Office
Hardworking, teamwork, result-oriented and able to work under pressure
Ready to be placed in our plant / factory
Fresh graduates are welcome too

For those who are qualified and ready for the challenge, and also have what it takes to be part of our Suzuki's team, please submit a comprehensive resume in English (explaining the qualifications and personal details) and recent photograph, no later than 01 May 2011 and put the position code (OSS ) as the subject to email (max. 300 KB) to:
HRD - Recruitment
PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales
Wisma Indomobil 1, 7th fl.
Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. 8 - Bidara Cina
Jakarta Timur - 13330

Note: Please mention in your Application Letter.

Bank BRI Job Expo May 2011

Reception PPS BRI Hyderabad Job Expo May 2011 As a leading bank at this time, BRI provides opportunity-Cadre Cadre POTENTIAL for join as a prospective participant Development Program BRI Staff (PPS BRI). A program development comprehensive specially designed for BRI leaders prepare cadres in the foreseeable come.

Important criteria to consider:
Status as a graduate of S1/S2 or students who to have passed (though do not follow graduation) or students who are waiting for the schedule session (within 1 to 2 months, is expected to pass).

Coming from a University with A or B accreditation with the Faculty and the Department as follows:

For General PPS graduates from the Faculty / Department:
Economics, Law, Engineering, Agricultural Technology, Psychology, Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisipol(Only For the Department of International relations, Science Communication, Fiscal Administration, Business Administration,and Administration), Mathematics and Science (Only for majors Mathematics, Statistics).

PPS Auditors For graduates of the Faculty / Department:
Economics, Law, Engineering, Agriculture, Fisipol (Only For the Department of Fiscal Administration, Administration Commerce, and State Administration), Mathematics and Science (Only for Department of Mathematics, Statistics).

For PPS IT graduates from the Faculty / Department:
Science Computers, Informatics Engineering.
Preference will be given who have never applied to be participants Staff Development Program (PPS) BRI.
Graduating Year 2010 & 2011.
Not Married.
S1 min GPA 2.75 (PTN) and 3.00 (PTS); GPA S2
minimum of 3.25 (PTN & PTS) with GPA record S1 fixed
meet minimum GPA requirements of S1.
Willing to sign a Letter of Agreement with BRI if it has been accepted as a participant declared PPS BRI.

NOTE: For the entire selection process is not charge

Registration Procedure:
Filling the Registration Form Downloading Forms

Applicants must attend and bring the forms already filled complete (photo attached) to the location BRI JOB EXPO - SEMARANG 2011 in the auditorium of the Imam Barjo, Campus UNDIP
Pleburan Jl. Imam Barjo No.1 Semarang, Central Java, 08.00 on 5 / 6 May 2011 (Thursday s / d 14.00, Friday until 10:00)



Psikotes akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 07 Mei 2011

Payrol Executive Axis Recruitment

AXIS is a national GSM operators with the fastest growth in Indonesia. The company provides 2G services, 3G, and BlackBerry nationally and reach throughout the world through more than 300 international roaming partners in over 150 countries.

AXIS has a mission to bring phone service, SMS, data and other service features are available and affordable for all people of Indonesia. The company first launched its service in February 2008 and introduce a different approach in its offer products and services through simple, easy to understand and transparent tariffs. AXIS also challenge the norms of the market by presenting an honest quote with no hidden terms and conditions.

Now we are looking for potential candidates for the following position.

Executive, Payroll

Job Description:
Ensure that the organization’s payroll is processed accurately and on time.
Activities, may include accounting, distributing and preparing payments, benefits, taxes, and payroll deductions; calculating overtime, shift payments, sales commissions, and bonuses; maintaining payroll records.
Prepares monthly report; balances, makes adjustments, deletions, and additions.
Proofreads and reconciles all payroll-related accounting records to check for arithmetical accuracy, completeness and compliance of regulations.
Respond to more complex, escalated enquiries from team members and check the work of others to ensure that the payroll is processed accurately.
Review the standard operation procedure and policy.

Graduated min. Bachelor degree in Accounting/ Management.
Min. of 2-3 years of payroll and HR operations experiences.
Experienced in managing JAMSOSTEK and payroll assignments, well understanding in taxing, especially PPH 21, SPT and other tax regulation.
Advance Excel application program, and computer literate in other Microsoft application.
Familiarity with several payroll software or HR systems will be preferred.
Attention to detail, good record keeping and report generation profile.
Fast learner, have sense of confidentiality, dedicated, strong drive, problem solver, basic analytical skill, independent and also team player

Simply quick apply or send application and CV (max.200 KB) to email below before April 30, 2011.

PT. TASPEN (Persero) Recruitment 2011

Selasa, 19 April 2011

PT.TASPEN (Persero) is a State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are engaged in Insurance and Management Pension Fund, a graduate of the Young Workers Need S-1, D-3, and senior high integrity, committed, and willing worked hard to put in ALL AREAS INDONESIA.

A. General Requirements
WNI Male / Female, attractive appearance, energetic, and friendly
Male height (L) of at least 160 cm, women (P) of at least 155 cm, with a weight proportional.
Never married.
There was never terminated not with respect as employees of government agencies and the sector in private.
Physically and mentally healthy.

Education level of vocational / senior high school or equivalent:
Maximum age 22 years on May 31, 2011;
The average value of 7.00 or the value of the minimum exam book
raport class I, II, and III, the minimum 7.00;
Preference will be given a certificate: Taxation Brevet A Brevet B Taxation, Accounting, Computer (PHP / Web Design / Network / System / Database / Microsoft Office);
Issued as administrative staff at the Office Branch region of Central and parts of Indonesia Indonesia East.

Education Diploma level (D-3) / Bachelor (S-1) :
Maximum age 24 years for D-3 and 30 years for S-1 on May 31, 2011;
Minimum GPA 2.75 (PTN) or 3.00 (PTS) scale of 4:00;
More preferably have a minimum TOEFL score 450 (Special S-1);
The program is a graduate studies received D-3 or S-1: Economic (ECO), Law (huk), Mathematics (MAT),
Computer Science (OMC), Actuarial (Akt), Statistics (STA), Secretary (SEK), Health (KES), and Administration (ADM).

B. Administrative Requirements
Creating a cover letter addressed to the Director Human Resources through Employee Recruitment Team
PT. TASPEN (continued) In 2011, with attachments as follows :
Curriculum Vitae (format attached);
6 pieces of recent color photographs size 4 x 6 cm;
Photocopy of valid ID card 1 sheet;
Photocopy of Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate;
Photocopy of diploma / graduation letter / value UAN book value of report cards or grade I, II, and III (for
SLTA), transcripts (for D-3 and S-1) and Prediction of TOEFL certificate for those who already have
(For S-1);
Original Certificate of No Marriage (minimum of Village / local Village Head);
Copy of Certificate of Good Behaviour (SKKB) / Police Notes Certificate (SKCK) of Police;
Original Certificate of sound mind and body (Include height and weight), drug-free
and psychotropic drugs, color blind free of physician / relevant authorities;

Make a statement stamped USD. 6000, - (form attached below) is attached to the file application which states:
There was never dismissed with no respect as an employee in Government agencies / Private;
There was never sentenced to imprisonment or confinement based on court decisions that have permanent legal force, for committing an criminal act;
Willing is not married for 2 (two) years since appointed as an employee of PT Taspen (PERSERO);
Willing to follow all procedures and stages selection;
Willing to bear all costs of stationery, transportation and accommodation during the selection process
of residence (domicile) applicants to the location selection;
Willing to be placed on the entire territory of Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
Photocopy of the Certificate of Work Experience (if any)

C. Apply Procedure
Applicants must register / register online at Taspen website (
Qualified applicants, before making online registration, first set up files scanned document in the form:
pdf format for letter of application, curriculum vitae, a statement, diplomas, transcripts, and deed birth; jpg format for color photographs size 4 x 6 cm or 472 x 709 pixels.
File documents in pdf and jpg format are attached at the time of online registration. 
Online registration begins on 14 s.d 24 April 2011.
Applicants who successfully perform the registration and get a registration number for print evidence online registration to be attached to the letter application.
Cover letter addressed to the Director of Resources Humans through Employee Recruitment Team Page TASPEN (Continued) Year 2011 in Jakarta.
Application documents and attachments incorporated into the map color below was taken and submitted on time Psychological tests to follow the Admission Team Employees.
Blue folder: Bachelor degree applicants (S-1)
Map the color yellow: Diploma level applicants (D-3)
Red folder: applicants level vocational / high school
Only Applicants who meet the entry requirements and criteria BEST called / announced to follow  The next stage of selection.
Graduation decision is final and not absolute be inviolable, and not held a letter correspondence.
Participants who passed the final stage of selection shall sign an agreement bond department.
Plan the implementation of the test: Palembang, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Manado, and Jayapura. Place the test can still change and will be notified through website
Announcement of applicants who pass the selection of administrative and then be eligible for selection seen only at the site began weeks last in April 2011.

Only applicants who meet the entry requirements and criteria
BEST will be called / announced to follow
The next stage of selection. PT TASPEN is SOE
implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG). During
selection process is free of charge and no
held question and answer in any form.

Online Registration:
In this registration process, team recruitment PT. Taspen (Persero) requires each applicant to
include files scanned document in pdf format consisting of :
Cover Letter;
Curriculum Vitae (CV);
Diplomas and transcripts;
Birth Certificate / Birth Certificate;
Photos (Image size not exceed 472x709 pixels or
4 x 6 cm. In the format of jpeg / jpg / gif);

Please use the following link to register:

PT.PLN Persero Recruitment

Rabu, 13 April 2011

PLN has a long history in electricity industry of Indonesia. As the sole provider of electricity in Indonesia, PLN is striving to increase quality of services to all Indonesian.

Electricity industry has played an important role in economical structure of Indonesia. The electricity development in Indonesia were started in 19th century, when some of Netherland's sugar and tea companies were established its own electricity generation for their own consumption. In between the year of 1942-1945, there was a great shift from these Dutch manufacturing companies by the Japanese after the Dutch surrendered to the Japanese army in the beginning of World War II.

The shift reoccurred at the end of World War II in August 1945 when the Japanese surrendered to the Allied Forces. This opportunity was taken over by the youths and electricity labourers through Labour/Employee Electricity and Gas delegation together with the Management of KNI Head Office to meet President Soekarno to ask the handover of the Companies to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. On October 27, 1945, President Soekarno established Electricity and Gas Bureau under the Departement of Public Works and Energy with power plant capacity of 157.5 MW.

On January 1, 1961, Gas and Electricity Bureau was changed to BPU-PLN (Board of General Administration of the State Electricity Company) that focused on electricity, gas and coke sectors. On January 1, 1965 BPU-PLN was dismissed and 2 (two) state owned enterprises were formalised,namely Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), a state-owned electricity company, to manage electrity power and Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) to manage gas power.

In 1972, in accordance with Government Regulation No.17, the State-owned Electricity Company was enacted as a State-owned General Electricity Company and as PKUK responsible to provide electricity to meet public needs. While the Government policy was giving opportunity to the Private Sectors to focus on the provision of electricity, the status of PLN was changed from a General Company to Corporation’ as well as PKUK in providing electricity for public needs until the present.

One of PT. PLN (Persero) subsidiary engaged in Engineering currently need potential candidates who eager to fill following positions.

Requirements :
Minimum GPA 2.75 for Engineer (S1) and 3.00 for Non Engineer (S1/ D3)
Maximum 27 years old for Bachelor and 25 years old for Diploma
Sound mind and body (sehat jasmani dan rohani)
Willing to be placed all over Indonesia
Selection Stages
Test of Academic Potential and English
Psychological Test
Medical Test

for more detail please download PLN document in Bahasa Indonesia
Download Document
hrd.gpasi @
Should you interested please send your complete application to:
PO BOX 3958 JKP 10039
Received no later than April 23, 2011.
The selection committee decision cannot be contested.

PT Goodrich Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia Recruitment

Minggu, 10 April 2011

PT Goodrich Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia (the "Company") is a joint venture company, formed between Lucas Industry Public Limited Company, located in Stratford Road, Sollhull B 904 LA England, PT Pindad (Persero) and PT Metinca Dirgantara from Indonesia.

The company was founded under the name of Lucas Aerospace Pindad Indonesia in the framework of Foreign Investment and Law No. 11/1970 No.I/1967, based on public deed 10 dated March 5, 1997. The deed of establishment was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in its Decision Letter No. C2-5.147.HT.01.01.Th97 decision. Articles of Association have been published in State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.75, dated September 19.1997, Supplement No.4203.

The articles of association have been amended by notarial deed No. 17 dated June 8, 2000, passed by PSATampubolon, notary in Jakarta, concerning change of name from PT Lucas Aerospace Pindad Indonesia to PT Pindad TRW Aeronautical Systems Indonesia, and subsequently amended by notarial deed No.26, dated 18 November 2002, through PSATampubolon, notary in Jakarta, concerning change of name from PT Pindad TRW Aeronautical Systems Indonesia to become PT Goodrich Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia. This change was announced in the State nimber, Republic of Indonesia 22 dated March 18, 2003, Supplement 2103.Membuka job number for the position:


* Self-Motivated and able to work under pressure and strict deadlines individually or in teams
* Have very good healt
* If beable and experience in measuring equipment
* Willing to improve knowledge
* Good Communication in English is an advantag
* Good Attitude
* Male / Female, age max 27 years
* Min. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with 1 year experience in same position
* Understand the image interpretation
* Fresh Graduate are welcome
* Willing to work in shifts and the ability to work independently

If you fall that you meet the qualifications above, please send a cover letter, CV, other documents and recent photograph email to:
hrd.gpasi @

Companies and factories are situated in:
Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 517
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Platinum Energy Resources, Inc Recruitment

Minggu, 03 April 2011

Platinum Energy Resources, Inc. (Platinum Energy) is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company based in New Jersey. The company also provides engineering and project management services to the oil and gas industry and others, through its wholly owned subsidiary Maverick Engineering Inc. The company is in development stage. Platinum Energy’s principal assets are located in the Gulf Coast region in Texas, the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico, and the Fort Worth Basin in Texas. The company holds 37,000 acres of land under lease. Platinum Energy is headquartered at Houston in Texas, the US. We are immediately seeking a highly motivated and skilled individual to fill a position of :


Key Job Responsibilities:
• Install and implement a server system in new office.
• Maintain the hardware and software of the server system as required.

• Provide support for the purchase and maintenance of computers, network security and telephone systems (PABX).
• Ensure all IT systems and communications (hardware and software) are working properly in supporting the Company s operations.
• Interact with end users, provide training and handle daily operational problems.
• Maintain corporate website and intranet.
• Develop and maintain a digital data base of corporate files and records.

University / Diploma Degree.
Eperienced and knowledge in IT sufficient to do all the above taks.
Requires good English communication and interpersonal skills.

Only those individual who fully meet the above requirements need apply.

Please send your comprehensive CV in English with a recent photograph not later than April 17, 2011 to:

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